Monthly Organ of All India Bank Employees Association

AIBEA – the pride: From a seed sown in 1946, AIBEA has grown into a mighty banyan tree today. We are the oldest and the largest trade union of bank employees in our country. By sheer dint of unity and constant and consistent struggles, AIBEA has achieved a lot for the bank employees. AIBEA has transformed the lives and living standards of the bank employees.

On 20th April, 2020, our beloved organisation AIBEA entered its 75th glorious year.

Bankflag communicates to its readers news about AIBEA, explains national & international economic & political situations and the policies of AIBEA in its further struggles & movements.

VOL XXVIII No 03 – March 

Com. Tarakeswar Chakraborty

AIBEA was led by visionary leaders like Com. Prabhat Kar, Com H. L. Parwana & Com Tarakeswar Chakraborti.

Born on 2nd June, 1926, in a samall town of Noakhali District , now in Bangladesh, Com Tarakeswar Chakrborti  came to Kolkata for higher studies after completing Matriculation. He passed BA in 1945 with high distinction from Ashutosh College, Kolkata.

He  joined Central Bank of India on 1st January 1946 and joined in the trade union movement of bank employees under the leadership of Com. Prabhat Kar & Com. H.L. Parwana.

After Com Prabhat Kar, Com. Tarakeswar Chakraborti, was elected as General Secretary of AIBEA in 1980 at the Allahabad Conference. Since then he had been steering the AIBEA under his matchless leadership and came to symbolise the hopes and aspirations of the multitudes of bank employees under the glorious banner of AIBEA. More than two decades he had taken this organistion to great heights nationally and internationally in tune with the traditions of AIBEA. Tarakda, Tarak, Dada – as he was affectionately and intimately known to his colleagues and comrades strode the banking trade union scenario like a gentle colossus and became a legend in his own life time.

Tarakda felt the necessity of a journal of AIBEA and took the necessary initiative . Thus BANKFLAG came into being in May, 1995.

He was passionate about Bankflag and through his tireless effort it’s membership reached more than  10,000 at one point of time.

His column ‘ From General Secretary Desk’s used to be  unique piece of literature, culture, history and people’s movement . Readers eagerly wait for Tarakda’s column.

Com Tarakeswar Chakraborti passed away on 2nd May 2003. His idea inspires us to continue with Bankflag.

On this 25th year of its existence, Bankflag respectfully remembers its Founder Editor –In-Chief Com Tarakeswar Chakaraborti.

Historic Bank Nationalisation
Address to the Nation
on 19 July, 1969

“Establishment of socialist society is one of our declared goals. But we have not been guided by any doctrinaire consideration. Our sole concern has been to accelerate developments and thus make a unemployment and to bring about progressive reduction of disparities, between the rich and poor sections of people and between relatively advanced and backwards areas."

50 years of bank nationalisation, July 2019

First issue of Bank Flag, May 1995

Domination and the violence that is associated with it such are the relationships that are typical of latest phase of capitalist development