Bankflag is monthly organ of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) which is the oldest and largest trade union of bank employees in India.

74 years ago, AIBEA was founded in Calcutta (Kolkata) on 20 April, 1946. From a seed sown in 1946, AIBEA has grown into a mighty banyan tree today. Today AIBEA has the proud privilege of representing nearly half a million bank employees working all over the country, right from metro cities to the remotest area of the country.

The founding of AIBEA was not merely out of the need for a strong trade union for promoting the interests of bank employees only, but was born out of a deeper conviction and larger vision.

AIBEA had visionary leaders like Com Prabhat  Kar, Com H.L. Parwana, Com. Tarakeswar Chakaraborti, Com. D.P. Chadda, Com. K.K. Mundal and all other outsanding and illustrious leaders who not only fought for bank employees but also for development of the country’s economy.

When AIBEA was formed, the employees earned a pittance. By sheer dint of unity and constant and consistent struggles, AIBEA transformed the lives and living standards of the bank employees.

AIBEA is the pioneer in bringing, through struggles, Banks under Public Sector for national interest and for the benefit of the customers and the common people, thus played a positive role in the  growth of the country’s  economy. In 1969, Smt Indira Gandhi , the then Prime Minister of India, made a historic decision and Nationalised the Banks which were mainly in the hands of private capital. Thus AIBEA’s  demand for Bank Nationalistion was also achieved.

Such a vibrant & militant organization cannot go without a journal of its own. During sixties AIBEA started  a journal named ‘Bank Mazdoor’. It continued upto 70’s. Unfortunately, pubilishing of  ‘Bank Mazdoor’ was stopped due to various reasons.

From 1991 the neo liberal policies were adopted by the Government- a shift from the state policy of  welfare economy where privatization was a major agenda.

In 1980 Com. Tarakeswar Chakraborti was elected as General Secretary. He again felt the necessity of a journal of AIBEA which would make the members aware of the ideas and  ideology of AIBEA specially in the context of changed scenario of global and national economy.

He took the necessary initiative. And thus Bankflag came into being in May, 1995.

Bankflag talks about the golden history of AIBEA , its ideas and ideology. It communicates to its readers news about AIBEA, explains the national and international  economic and political situations, news on working people’s struggle, news on banking and the decision of AIBEA towards further struggle and movement.

On the occasion of 25th year of publication of Bankflag, we are now launching the electronic version of Bankflag to reach more and more readers, to upheld farther the values of AIBEA.

Domination and the violence that is associated with it such are the relationships that are typical of latest phase of capitalist development